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We present on a number of topics relating to Strategy, Growth, People Management, Hiring, and Leadership Development. 

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04/10/2018 - Decoding People – Presentation on 4/24/2018 Puyallup & Sumner Chamber of Commerce 
03/22/2018 - How to Hire, Keep and Engage Employees?
03/12/2018 - 10 Leadership Topics – Presentation on 3/15/2018 CenterPoint Conference Park, Kent
03/09/2018 - Decoding People – Presentation on 3/14/2018 Kitsap Golf and Country Club
03/02/2018 - Team Transformation
02/27/2018 - Team Transformation
02/23/2018 - Save the date 3/1/2018: Employee Engagement Presentation (Canterwood Country Club, Gig Harbor, WA)
02/16/2018 - Save the date 2/21/2018: Succession Planning with Analytics (Richland, WA) 
02/15/2018 - Save the date 2/22/2018: Business Showcase at the Bellevue, WA
02/09/2018 - Save the date 2/14/2018: Quantifying People Presentation 
02/02/2018 - Save the date: Employee Engagement Presentation 
02/01/2018 - Save the date: Quantifying People Presentation 
01/23/2018 - Tune-up your Leadership
01/16/2018 - Presentation about Millennials 1/18/2018 in Tacoma
12/19/2017 - Have a great time off!
12/13/2017 - Decode the Human
12/06/2017 - Decode the Human
11/30/2017 - Post-M&A blues
11/21/2017 - Have a great Thanksgiving!
11/15/2017 - Decode the Human


 2018 Schedule

​(updated frequently)

We speak at Conferences, Executive Organizations, Industry and Professional Associations, SHRM/HRCI, etc.

Our topics are focused on improving business results through Leadership Development, People Motivation, Employee Analytics, and on driving Business Success. 
We also speak at Company-sponsored events. Ask us about specific topics.

To make great decisions, Leadership must be on top of current insights and future trends, and aware of techniques used by top businesses.

Engagement through Employee Analytics - Removing Attrition through Engagement
The audience learns how to measure and increase their corporate employee engagement, and to pay attention to the 4 top causes of employee disengagement.

Quantifying People - How to Remove Subjectivity from Hiring and Management
The audience learns how employee analytics increase objectivity, alignment, predictability, and achievement in its human capital management.

10 Leadership Topics -- Educate, Align and Discover Your Executive Team's Strengths
Attendees learn to use specific leadership development skills to evaluate, gain alignment, and create business momentum in their executive teams.

Understanding Generation Y -- Using Technology to Engage Millennials
The audience gains an understanding of how to use employee analytics to integrate Millennials into their organizations.

Succession Planning through Leadership Development and Employee Analytics
The audience gains an understanding of the process of identifying and developing the best future leaders and learns how to hand over responsibilities in a structured and inclusive way.

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2018 Speaking Topics


"When it comes to the hiring process and the art -- and science -- of selecting the right people for your organization, Thomas really knows his stuff! His years of very practical and hands-on business experience, combined with his extensive training in the Predictive Index assessment tool, provide him with a unique point of view in terms of helping companies improve their selection processes and ensure they have the right people lined up to perform the exact right jobs. Unlike many presentations of this kind that have an "ivory tower" flavor to them or are largely theoretical in nature, Thomas drills right down to the true pain points and challenges that most companies are facing today -- in terms of their workforce development efforts -- and how the appropriate use of the PI assessment can serve as a key weapon in the war for talent. I highly recommend reaching out to him if you're an organization in need of help in this area. You won't be disappointed!"

             Matt Youngquist

             Career Coach | Resume Writer | Outplacement Specialist

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Many of our 2018 presentations are built around our expertise in leadership development and people analytics. We present in front of:

  • Industry associations
  • Executive groups
  • Conferences,
  • HR organizations. etc.

We always modify the presentation so that it applies to the audience's profession, industry, level, and experience. If needed, we can develop custom presentations for your event, or further modify one of the existing ones. 

​Feel free to contact is about your speaking needs.


Contact: Ben Janin

mobile: 425-270-0304

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